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molly XVII 🍑

Amores, dolores y dineros, no pueden estar secretos.


Edie Sedgwick by Jerry Schatzberg, 1966


do you ever see someone looking at you in public and you think they might be checking you out then you remember that you’re you

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"Sometimes when you really truly give yourself to somebody, it can completely backfire and you just end up feeling really insecure, really paranoid, jealous, and ugly. It’s from loving someone. If that person isn’t right for you, all those positive emotions that you are trying to put on someone can end up negatively projected back onto yourself. Then you hate yourself for it. You’re searching for something to make you feel good and to be a better person, but you realize how far away you are from being your best self.”
— FKA twigs, from an interview with The Wild Magazine

Paul, Heather and Martha, photographed by Linda McCartney

Marine Deleeuw for Céline, Pre-Fall 2013


Outtake of Kate Moss by Kate Garner:
“She turned up for the shoot wearing a very small denim mini skirt, her boyfriend’s underpants (she hadn’t been home from the night before) and a little vest top. She managed to look adorable and chic … the hat and sweater picture was later in the day. Prob the second cigarette and cup of tea in a local cafe.”


so perfect what

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